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B Balanced Counseling and Wellness is dedicated to providing professional individual, adolescent, and family counseling through the use of integrated therapy approaches. All clients have the right to be treated in a courteous, considerate, and dignified manner. Your therapist, Brittany Todd (MA Ed., Clinical Psychology & Counseling) is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor and member of the North Carolina Counseling Association.


Individual counseling is a one on one process where clients work to achieve their personal therapeutic goals through an approach tailored to their specific needs.


Family Counseling is a group process where clients work together and individually to treat issues impacting the entire family. Family wide problems typically addressed in family counseling consist of: addiction, depression, mood disorders or behavior problems. Family counseling addresses conflicts between siblings, spouses, parents and children.


Consulting with a Life Coach can help you combat stress, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, body image and even simple misdirection. Optimal balance and health in life come from mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Brittany Todd is a Gabrielle Bernstein Level One trained Life Coach; Brittany can help you work through blocks in order to reach your full potential, satisfaction and happiness in life.


Mitigation Specialists provide expert insight into criminal culpability, helping courts to understand a defendant’s mental health or developmental disorders.  Brittany Todd is a certified North Carolina Mitigation Specialist and can speak for the dignity and value of those who have committed crimes.


Clinical intervention can have several different focuses, including:

  • Solving a specific problem or issue and preventing that specific problem or issue from recurring
  • Improving your loved ones potential to deal with the behaviors, thoughts and/or feelings that are causing them difficulty
  • Helping your loved one find mental balance, peace, and happiness in their life to cope with their circumstances

Packages Include:

  • 1-3 family sessions (to be determined as needed)
  • Being able to contact Brittany 24/7 via phone, text, email from first meeting through the day of intervention
  • Communication with all parties involved & among family members
  • Setting up necessary treatment facilities
  • Checking in with the facility after the intervention to make sure your loved one’s transition is as smooth as possible
  • Family support throughout the process up to 30 days

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