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At B Balanced Counseling and Wellness we offer a full spectrum of care with the goal of meeting all potential mental health needs. Our services consist of but are not limited to, Individual Counseling, Therapeutic Consulting, Individualized Clinical Interventions, Family Counseling, Life Coaching, legal Mitigation and Mediation, as well as Virtual Workshops. We believe all clients have the right to be treated in a courteous, considerate, dignified manner, and recognize individual needs.


Individual counseling is a one on one process where clients work to achieve their personal therapeutic goals through an approach tailored to their specific needs.

Therapeutic Consulting and Treatment Placement

As a Therapeutic Consultant, Brittany Todd, LCMHC, has been a guide for families through a multitude of treatment placements for clients and their loved ones for many years. Doing so has provided extensive knowledge of the many nation-wide programs and facilities available, as well as the development of relationships with representative contacts and admission specialists. Brittany’s ultimate goal as a Clinician and Therapeutic Consultant is to find a treatment program that best fits the spectrum of needs for you or your loved one. In addition to being a therapeutic consultant we can also offer a Treatment Placement Program which provides full assistance in admission and continued support throughout you or your loved one’s stay. We know that the process of admission into treatment can be overwhelming, so it is our mission to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible during placement of you or your loved one.


Clinical intervention can have several different focuses, including:

  • Solving a specific problem or issue and preventing that specific problem or issue from recurring
  • Improving your loved ones potential to deal with the behaviors, thoughts and/or feelings that are causing them difficulty
  • Helping your loved one find mental balance, peace, and happiness in their life to cope with their circumstances

Intensive Outpatient

Individualized intensive outpatient therapy designed especially to meet the specific needs of the client and their mental health recovery. This program consists of 6 weeks with a minimum of 5 hours of therapeutic work, 3 one on one therapy sessions a week, in conjunction with journaling exercises, evidence based therapy homework, and wellness engagement. Regular substance screening offered as necessary. Following this 6 week therapeutic process, progress will be assessed and next steps planned and recommended. 

Use Counseling

As an addiction counselor, Jenna Snyder, NCC LCMHC LCAS, has a passion for helping individuals in brining about long lasting change and correct maladaptive thought and behavior patterns through evidence based practices. The relationship between the client and the therapist is one that is built on trust that provides judgement free support, resources and therapy for co-occurring disorders. As a clinician, Jenna sees her clients as more than an addiction. Through specialized addiction counseling Jenna’s ultimate goal is to help the client become the best version of themselves. 


Family counseling is tailored to treat issues that may arise between spouses, parents, children, and siblings. We will address these conflicts on an individual level as well as in a family dynamic in order to improve communication and achieve a sense of togetherness. 

Life Coaching

Consulting with a Life Coach can help you combat stress, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, body image and even simple misdirection. Optimal balance and health in life come from mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Brittany Todd is a Gabrielle Bernstein Level One trained Life Coach; Brittany can help you work through blocks in order to reach your full potential, satisfaction and happiness in life.


Mitigation Specialists provide expert insight into criminal culpability, helping courts to understand a defendant’s mental health or developmental disorders.  Brittany Todd is a certified North Carolina Mitigation Specialist and can speak for the dignity and value of those who have committed crimes.

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