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B Balanced Counseling and Wellness is about creating BALANCE in life through wellness of the Mind, Body and Soul for people of all ages and backgrounds. Each client is treated as an individual; therefore, therapy approaches vary depending on the client’s needs. In the theory of “balance,” B Balanced offers, Individual Counseling, Adolescent Counseling, Family Counseling, Life Coaching, Online Workshops and Clinical Interventions along with many special programs and seminars. We are thrilled to be able to assist others on their journey to optimal Wellness and BALANCE in life! Come join us at B Balanced and begin your journey to your best self today.

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Brittany Todd

Owner & Clinical Director
MA. Ed. Clinical Psychology

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor 

Nationally Certified Intervention Professional

Certified Life Coach

Therapeutic Consultant

NC Mitigation Specialist

Brittany Todd, owner and director of B Balanced Counseling & Wellness is originally from Winston – Salem, but attended the University of Florida where she achieved her bachelor’s degree in Criminology with a concentration in Psychology. Brittany was an Olympic Trial swimmer in 2000 and 2004 and attended NCAA’s for the University of Florida. As a former elite athlete, Brittany has been involved in fitness and wellness since she could crawl and continues to be inspired by the connection of the body and mind in her practice as a psychotherapist. Brittany has always been passionate in regards to therapy and the benefits that come from self work and discovery, in 2017 Brittany graduated from Walden University with master’s level degrees in both Clinical Psychology and Clinical Counseling to pursue her dream of establishing a private counseling practice that can offer clients a wide range of treatment modalities. Through Brittany’s own personal experiences and higher level education, she is able to counsel from many avenues. Brittany realizes every person who comes to B Balanced Counseling is unique, therefore she implements an integrative approach to provide her clients with the best experience while promoting progress toward their individual therapeutic goals and overall wellness. Brittany works with adolescents, teens, adults and families to address a variety of mental health struggles and obstacles. She exudes a great passion for balance of the body and mind when it comes to reaching optimal health and aligning the mind, body and soul. 


*Additionally, Brittany is contracted by the North Carolina Capitol Defender’s office as a Mitigation Specialist in criminal cases while also accepting private mitigation work as requested. She has been an expert witness in multiple criminal cases and child custody arrangements, consistently motivated to support clients in legal challenges they may be facing.


In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her two little ones, taking classes at @purebarrewinstonsalem  or @cyclebarwinstonsalem and going on walks around Winston-Salem with her husband and pup. Read more about Brittany in her Psychology Today and All Kinds of Therapy profiles. 

Regan Banning

Office Manager & Outreach Coordinator

Regan is the Administrative Assistant at B Balanced Counseling and Wellness. She is a Delaware native and graduate of UNC Wilmington with a degree in Psychology. Regan moved to Winston-Salem right after graduation to explore job opportunities in the field of mental health near the people she loves. 

In her free time, Regan likes to visit her family in Delaware, explore the mountains, enjoy weekends on the lake, spend quality time with her loved ones and take classes at @cyclebarwinstonsalem.

Regan’s goal at B Balanced is to make each and every person feel welcomed and to create a seamless entry into our practice. If you have any questions or just want to chat about beginning your journey, give her a call today at (336) 607-5822 or email at

Jenna Snyder

Assistant Clinical Director

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor

Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist

Certified Life Coach


Jenna Snyder, a Winston – Salem native, is the Assistant Clinical Director at B Balanced Counseling & Wellness and plays a pivotal role in the consistent individualized care of all B Balanced Counseling & Wellness clients. After receiving her bachelor’s degree from UNC Charlotte and a master’s degree in Professional Counseling from Liberty University, Jenna worked in a variety of facilities and practices gaining experience specific to clinical counseling, substance use, legal matters, and generalized addiction before joining the B Balanced team in September of 2020.  


Jenna has a passion for helping people see the potential that they sometimes do not see in themselves. She works with teens to adults helping with anything from addiction to low self esteem with the goal of providing comprehensive care to all of the clients she sees in her practice as a psychotherapist. Jenna’s counseling approach is integrative based, as well as guided by her own life experiences. 

When Jenna is not working you can find her with her little ones, taking classes at @purebarrewinstonsalem or @cyclebarwinstonsalem or drinking coffee at a local shop. Read more about Jenna in her Psychology Today profile.

Katie Davin

Clinical Psychotherapist

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate


Katie is an Ohio native and recent North Carolina transplant. Katie graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Ohio University and earned a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from Towson University in Maryland. She maintains an active lifestyle in academia by assisting in research and publishing articles on a number of key clinical issues. Katie’s counseling approach is informed by research in the field as well as her own life experiences.

She utilizes a variety of techniques best suited to each client she works with in practice embodying an integrative approach. Ultimately, Katie authentically makes therapy an organic process by creating an accepting and validating environment within every session. In her spare time, you can find Katie cuddling her doodle, gushing over podcasts, and hiking any nearby trail. Read more about Katie in her Psychology Today profile. 

Michael Smith

Clinical Psychotherapist  

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate  


⁣Michael is a native of Pennsylvania but moved to North Carolina to attend college. Michael graduated from Pfeiffer University, where he obtained a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Michael also earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Pfeiffer University in Psychology and Human Services. Michael continues to educate himself on the subject of therapy and Marriage and Family Therapy. He enjoys working with adolescent males, individual adults, couples, and families. Additionally, he has worked with a wide variety of clients and diagnoses. Michael likes to lean on life experiences to be able to relate to the client and aims to provide a safe environment for each individual in the therapeutic process. 

In his spare time, Michael can be found spending time with his family or enjoying trips to the beach and mountains. He also enjoys sporting events, whether it is live or on television. Michael realizes that we can all use a helping hand at times and looks forward to helping each client while walking through the therapy journey.

Meredith Trank

Clinical Counseling Practicum Intern

Meredith Trank is currently in graduate school at Wake Forest University pursuing a Masters of Divinity and a Masters of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Originally from the great state of Texas, Meredith moved to North Carolina with her husband Michael to attend Wake Forest two years ago. She has spent much of her professional career working in leadership development with collegiate women, and she is passionate about helping people discover and believe in their best selves. 
Meredith also teaches indoor cycling classes and writes a monthly newsletter, The Practical Pep Talk. In her free time, Meredith loves to travel, spend time with friends, and cuddle with her Puggle, Chunk.